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Daniel Sazhin

Daniel Sazhin

daniel sazhin

Daniel Sazhin has been flying gliders since 2008 and loves racing and record flying.

After being encouraged and mentored by his club, he actively flew Aero Club Albatross’ 1-26E and earned all of his badges and diplomas in it. He has competed in 12 contests, winning a 1-26 championship and had the honor of flying on the US Team in 2015 as part of the Junior Worlds in Narromine, Australia. Seeing, first hand, how well team-flying worked in the Worlds, he is very excited to further develop and build upon these techniques. Daniel recently earned a degree in Business from Pace University and is planning on going to grad school to study Behavioral Economics. . Daniel recently completed the first ever 1,000km in a 1-26, earning a World Record – an astounding feat.  The US Team welcomes his experience.

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