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Noah Reitter

Noah Reitter

noah reitter

Noah Reitter took a demonstration ride in the fall of 2012 at Harris Hill.

Next spring, he joined Harris Hill’s junior organization, soloed later that summer and completed his B and C badges.  During the 2014 soaring season, Noah attained his Private Glider, Commercial Pilot and Silver badge.  He also crewed at the Region 5 North and Region 2 contests.  In the spring of 2015, Noah crewed in the 1st FAI Pan American Gliding Championships and soon after completed his Flight Instructor Glider.  Noah flew as a guest/sniffer in the 2015 Standard Nationals and place 2nd on one of the competition days!  In the summer he was a flight instructor at Harris Hill.  This past season Noah again instructed at HH and soloed 5 of HH Junior members.  Noah placed 2nd at the 2016 Region 2 contest and 2nd at the 2016 club Class Nationals.  During this time Noah completed his Private Pilot airplane rating and was checked out as a tow pilot.  Noah’s accomplished much in a short time and his enthusiasm and dedication make him an ideal team member.

Melanie Nichols

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