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Scrutineering-what is that?

Scrutineering-what is that?

One of the pre-competition requirements at the world championship level is scrutineering.


The scrutineering or technical inspection is carried out to verify that the sailplane complies with the rules and limitations of its class.  In addition to validating paperwork for general airworthiness of the glider, its weight and wingspan are carefully checked.  If water ballast is allowed, it is weighed with water added to the maximum allowable weight.  Gliders are reweighed every day on their way to the grid.  Today, Mike Westbrook and his crew chief share some photos of the process on this stormy practice day.


Pilot Mike Westbrook weighs in 7:28 Official inspection 7:28 Wing measurement 7:28 Scrutineering begins 7:28 Scrutineering hangar

Leigh Zimmerman

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