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Texas Club Class Guys – About to Start Their Journey

Texas Club Class Guys – About to Start Their Journey


Mike Westbrook and Tim McAllister have had the good fortune of living close enough to practice for the upcoming WGC and are currently helping with the Junior Contest at TSA with plans to team practice more this week. Mike leaves with his crew from DFW on July 20 and will arrive in Prague on the 21st. He and Tim are renting Standard Cirri owned by the same person near Prague(see pic below). Mike will be ably assisted by Mitch Hudson from Moriarty, NM. They have known each other since flying as juniors in the 1-26 Championships. Currently Mike owns a Discus 2. Team USA is proud to support Mike and Tim and looks forward with all of us to regular updates on the contest!

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Melanie Nichols

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