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Come Fly with DJ at the Seniors in March “Will be flying the Seniors at Clermont in March. To raise funds for the US Team, KS and I will be taking..

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10th FAI Women's World Gliding Championships

Memories from Lake Keepit Soaring Club Sarah Kelly Arnold Kathryn Fosha @Sylvia Grandstaff #wwgcpreworlds….’til next year!

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Lake Keepit Soaring Club

WWGC Pre Worlds and Australian Club and Sports Class Nats Awards party

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's cover photo

To the organizers and volunteers Lake Keepit Soaring Club, Thank you for your hospitality and memories. Sarah Kelly Arnold Kathryn Fosha @Sylvia..

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January 10 in Lake Keepit | US Soaring Team

WWGC Pre Worlds-John Good’s reports from the final 2 days of competition: https://ussoaringteams.org/jan-10/ https://ussoaringteams.org/jan-11/..

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