18-Meter, Open, and 20-Meter 2-place classes: July 28 – August 12, 2018 in Hosin, Czech Republic

18m Class: Bob Fletcher and Erik Nelson
Open Class: Mike Robison and Dave Coggins
20m 2-place:Heinz Weissenbuehler and Karin Schlösser 

Team Captain: Pete Alexander
Club, Standard and 15-Meter classes: July 8 – 21, 2018 in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland 

Club Class: Boyd Willat and Mike Westbrook
Standard Class: Bif Huss and Jim Lee
15m Class: Fernando Silva and Tim Taylor

Team Captain: Colin Mead

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Caption contest…

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The party’s over…thanks for coming #ussoaringteams

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PWR backseat The last day A little discrepancy between models again. With all of the rain from the night before it was late starting near the..

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WGC 2018

WGC Hosin, last official movie from the organizers. Thanks for the memories #ussoaringteams

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WGC 2018

Closing Ceremony WGC Hosin

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