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2016 34th FAI World Gliding Championship

2016 34th FAI World Gliding Championship

Interviews with the pilots we managed to catch while they were still in the US… and not in a glider.

US Soaring Team going to Lithuania

Tim McAllister ~ Club Class

[s3video s3url=”tim-mcallister.mp4″/]


Mike Westbrook ~ Club Class

[s3video s3url=”michael-westbrook.mp4″ s3bucket=”pips” /]


Phil Gaisford ~ Standard Class

[s3video s3url=”phil gaisford.mp4″ /]


Bob Fletcher ~ Standard Class

[s3video s3url=”bob-fletcher.mp4″ /]


Michael Robison ~ 20 Meter 2 Place Class

[s3video s3url=”mike robison.mp4″ /]


Larry Timpson ~ co-pilot with Mike Robinson ~ 20 Meter 2 Place Class



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  1. adminssausa July 18, 2016

    The pilots are on their way Looking forward to seeing/reading about your adventures!

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