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2nd FAI WGC 13.5 Has Ended

2nd FAI WGC 13.5 Has Ended

Tony Condon and François Pin have completed representing the US Soaring Teams at the 2nd FAI WGC 13.5 2017 competition.

Tony won day 8 – congratulations Tony.



François Pin and Tony Condon had a great time and both did an excellent job during the contest.

Here are the final results:


Enjoy the photos from the event in the gallery and be sure to congratulate Tony and François on their contest!

From Tony Condon via FB:

3.5 meter wrap up – Matt and Tony returned the glider to Alisport and car to Ricky Brigliadori today. Big thanks to both for all the help to make this contest possible! Francois will drop his glider off at its home in Italy tomorrow.

This contest started off with missed connections and lost bags. Then an extra trip to Szatymaz while we worked on car repairs. Amazingly with the pre-contest stress, once we started flying it all seemed to have been so long ago and so far away. The weather was very good but also very challenging. The tasks were tricky, just as you’d expect at a World Championship.

The competitors…were tough. Trying to count the number of FAI medals earned by competitors in this contest would quickly run you out of fingers and toes. One might imagine that this contest would’ve been a group of steely eyed pilots all singularly focused on Gold. Instead we found 13 new brothers in Szatymaz. The environment on the ground was much more like a nice soaring club than an intense competition.

In the air, we fought for every point. On the ground, we swam together, played foosball, or shared the details of our exciting flights over a bowl of soup and a beer. We got to know each other and each others families. We left a group of 14 best friends, looking forward to Pavullo in 2019.

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