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Captain’s Report ~ Day #1 (July 29)

Captain’s Report ~ Day #1 (July 29)

Pete Alexander

On contest day 1, we awakened to overcast with a very slow moving weak cold front sliding to the east which was predicted to depart the area by early afternoon.


Unfortunately, the weak front did not do what was expected. With the soaring not developing as expected, Task C was created to send all classes to the northwest where the clearing had been going on the longest and had the least amount of mid-high level clouds. At a WGC, you cannot change the task in the air therefore it needs to be changed before the class takes off. 
Conditions did not follow the forecast therefore the grid squatting began with the first launch reschedule from: 11:30 am -> 12:00 -> 12:30 pm -> 12:45 pm -> 1:00 pm -> 1:15 pm.
The launch finally began at 1:15 pm after the sun had barely peaked through the remaining clouds. Unfortunately, they are not using a sniffer today. So… They launched the 18m Class with everyone wondering how many pilots would fall out.
Sadlly, 70 missed a climb going into the second turn and landed in a wheat field near Bor. Pilot and crew returned to the field a little after midnight. All safe and sound!.
The organizers are using to have the pilot or captain input their landing details. The really cool thing about the website is it will print instructions and a map to your pilot after you input the coordinates of their landing:
The satellite view of the front slowly moving east over Hosin at 10:45 am Team Captains waiting for the release of task C for all classes at 11:30am Team 5E, Sarah Nelson and Paul Weeden, doing a little cleaning while grid squatting Team ARC staying loose while grid squatting Team 5E looking towards the tow release zone to see if anyone is climbing. They were, but slowly, and a few were very low
Pete Alexander

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