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Captain’s Report ~ Day #10 (August 8)

Captain’s Report ~ Day #10 (August 8)

Pete Alexander
Greetings from Hosin ~ Day #10:
Last night was International Night where each team provides food and drink from their country. The US Team put together a picnic with watermelon, hot dogs, coke. We also found some ice for the coke.
The original 1st launch was set for 11:30 am. It was pretty clear at that point, the soaring was not quite ready. They launched the sniffer at 12:00 he slowly drifted back to the airport not finding much. So… They decided to give the Arcus a try with a cameraman on board; planning to do some filming of the pre-start gaggles. We grid squatted until launch began at 12:30 pm.
The day went from barely working to climbs and clouds every where. It became really clear that you did not want to stick around the start lines, playing start line games. All classes were on the same turn area tasks which was helpful for the team. Everyone was into rain showers about 1/2 to the first turn area. US Team ground support was able to help provide wx information and tracks of other pilots to help the US pilots work their way though the best areas. We were also able to steer everyone to the last climb about 80 kms away just north-northwest of the last turn area.
Watch Erik Nelson’s (5E) Day #10 video recap The is the overhead via provided by OnGlide ( to track the 18m Class. Notice all of the different ideas of where to go and how to get around the showers and the deviations needed. Also the last climb and lift was just above turn area #4 before a long 80+km final glide Here are a couple of picture from Heinz Weissenbuehler (ARC) working around the showers and running the shelves Wahoooo climbing one the edge of a shower! During the afternoon, the US Team Camp tired to take off without a tow do to the out flow winds from the passing thunderstorms, along with rain, thunder, and lightning near by. It all passed a few miles west of us. Afternoon view from camp Looking west from the front of the 20m grid. You can see the quickly developing day Grid squatting looking down grass Runway 06 Daily Task with the airspace reminder International Day Festivities The US Team put together a picnic with watermelon, hot dogs, coke. We also found some ice for the coke
As I finish up this report, there are storm thunderstorms with rain, lightning, thunder, and wind are rolling through our hotel which is about 10 minutes from the airport…
3 possible race days left which looks like we will get 2 for sure.
     Stay tuned for more…

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