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Captain’s Report ~ Day #3 (July 31)

Captain’s Report ~ Day #3 (July 31)

Pete Alexander
We woke up today to bright blue skies without any showers expected in the task area. This should be a better soaring day compared to the first 2 days.  
With daily first launch times expected to be between 11:00-11:30 am and the pilot briefing at 10 am every morning, time is very limited after the after the 10am meeting. Therefore, the US Team has it’s morning huddle of the pilots and crews to discuss insights from the previous days flying, any issues, review initial weather for the day, and discuss the daily tasks (which are released daily by 9:15 am) before the 10 am briefing just outside the main hanger. 
Today's daily US Team huddle The weather forecasting has been very good. A few weather photos from today's briefing where we are back under the influence of a big high pressure systems with improving conditions the next few days The Hosin "Blue Hole" in the middle with cus on both sides of the valley One of the challenges of flying from Hosin, CZ is the airspace you need to stay away from. The CD and task setters decided to call tasks near and at times through the closed airspace. The thinking is to let the pilots decide the best route around it. Here’s today’s 3 classes and the 6 pieces of closed airspace near the task areas you need to avoid with other near by to the north and southwest: Heinz is debuting the new top secret sunglasses developed specially for the US Team in Hosin.  Who did the design on those pink frames? At the back of the 18m grid as they are about 1/2 way through the launch with the cus just starting to build US Team Camp BBQ with some of the pilots and crew. Thanks to Erik Loopik and Eef Schlosser
for preparing this fine BBQ!
Another fine soaring day comes to an end with a wonderful sunset at the US Team Camp:
At this point, the soaring is looking very good through the end of this week.   Pete Alexander


  1. David Gaines July 31, 2018

    Cant find contest results for each day.

    1. Melanie Nichols August 5, 2018

      Hi David.. There are also links on the home page to relevant contest sites, including results. Best to you and Anne!

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