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Captain’s Report ~  Day #7

Captain’s Report ~  Day #7

Captain’s Report ~  Day #7 (August 4)
It was announced during today’s briefing that Sunday will be a rest day.
I have been posting the daily tasks, launch and gate opening times and pilot returns to the field on twitter:
Some people have asked about the why the online trackers are slow: and  We are seeing the same issues here in the US Team Camp which can be very frustrating at times. I think, the servers are a little over loaded at times. The online tracker people are aware of this issue and working on it.
They are towing with seven Cmelak (english translation = Bumblebee) towplanes.  4 equipped with turbine engines and 3 with radial engines. They were originally used for corp dusting. The turbine equipped versions are on loan from Slovakia where they use them for fire fighting. The turbine version will complete a tow from sailplane hook up to return in less than 5 minutes. All of our pilots prefer the turbine version.  :o)
They use the following tow patterns where the turbine Cmelak will basically tow you directly into downwind.  If you get a radial engine Cmelak they take you on a bit of a tour of around Hison before dropping you off in the drop zone represented by the magenta areas. 
Stay tuned for a video from David Coggins: On Tow In Hison. Here’s a screen shot from the video: The alternate drop zones between the classes Tonight was Czech Night where the contest team put together a party with traditional Czech food and drink. Followed by a local cover band called The Apples The view from the back of the 18m grid today. The storm in the middle of the photo eventually blew up and fell apart in all of the start lines in all classes making starting very difficult Off they go… Radial engine equipped Cmelak Radial engine equipped Cmelak Turbine engine equipped Cmelak
Stay tuned for more…

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