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Captain’s Report ~ Official Training Day #1 (July 25)

Captain’s Report ~ Official Training Day #1 (July 25)

Pete Alexander

Today another strong day of soaring was expected and the day turned out as forecast.

We have been having a wonderful week of soaring and training. The wrinkles for the day were where and when would the showers arrive?   After the long flights of yesterday, the team was ready to visit more of the contest area with a little shorter flights compared to the 6.5+ hours flights from the previous day.   ARC, 5E, 70, and DT decided to explore more territory in the contest area outside of the assigned tasks.

Stay tuned for pilots reports from Bob Fletcher (70) and Dave Coggins (DT) about their training flights from the past few days. These reports will be available very soon.
Mike Robison, flying PWR with Garret Willat, arrived this afternoon and went straight away to rigging and preparing PWR for Scruntineering later in the afternoon. They passed after removing some fuel to get down to the required gross weight.
Wahoo!! All US Team sailplanes have passed Scruntineering. We can now completely focus on the task of flying.
PWR waiting for their Scruntineering Appointment:
ARC, 5E, and 70 exploring the contest area together (photos by Karin Schlosser from the backseat of ARC):
5E off the right wingtip of the ARC:
This was the view from Team USA Camp@7 pm:
Another fine soaring day comes to an end with 2 more practice days to come before the Opening Ceremonies on Saturday. The pilots have a few additional things to tune up before the first contest day this Sunday. We are very close to being ready… Pete Alexander

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  1. David July 25, 2018

    Love the updates and pics. Best of luck to all!!

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