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Captain’s Report ~ Official Training Day #2 (July 26)

Captain’s Report ~ Official Training Day #2 (July 26)

Pete Alexander

We continue to have really good soaring conditions this week. The daily wrinkle continues to be the amount and location of the showers and/or thunderstorms in the afternoon. Today was no exception, with the showers starting in the contest area about 1 pm and finishing up with a thunderstorms rollings through the airport a little after 5 pm.


Take a look at today’s tasks:

How often do you get to go soaring in three different countries (Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria) in the same day?
5E, 70, and ARC flew the tasks.
PWR had it’s first local flight to check things out after pilot registration was completed. All good for PWR!
DT was dealing with a couple LxNav issues with the assistance of the LXNav onsite support.
Expect reports from Bob Fletcher (70) and Dave Coggins (DT) about their training flights from this week. These reports will be available very soon
Launching began at 11:00 am (sharp) of the 18 m class:
View from the US Team Camp at mid afternoon looking south with hints of the showers to come:
Showery ending to another wonderful soaring day from Hosin, CZ looking at the tie down area:
Tomorrow is the final Official Training Day.  We all appreciate the expressions of support, interest and sharing of our posts and pictures…….Pete


  1. Swabber SCUM July 26, 2018

    Ahoy there, Cap’n Pete! ’tis a beautiful day in the th’ neighborhood …
    Thank ye fer th’ great photos ‘n updates.
    Kick some serious arse, me hearties Team USA. No quarter given! Arrrrrr!

  2. Jim Garrison July 29, 2018

    Pete / Bob / Erik / Dave / Mike / Heinz and Karin —
    Congratulations on getting everything ready for the competition.
    Have a great two weeks and I hope you all do very well.
    Fly far and fast

    Best Wishes

    Jim Garrison

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