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Captain’s report ~ Slow News Day

Captain’s report ~ Slow News Day

USA Grid by Evelyn

It rained all day today, and the team dispersed to engage in “independent activities.” I don’t have much to report since my independent activity consisted of taking a nap.

The highlight of the day was a presentation of the Open Glider Network (OGN) by one of its founders, Angel Casado, who is here serving as Jury President.  OGN is the hugely successful online glider tracking system, based largely on FLARM, that is deployed all over Europe. It is also catching on in Australia and South Africa, and we are using it here in Argentina. Angel made a point of saying that there is a “great hole in the coverage” in USA.

The day before yesterday, Juan’s film “A Fine Week of Soaring” was presented in the Briefing room, to great acclaim.  The same crowd is expected to show up tonight for a screening of “The Sun Ship Game.”  It is clear that the domination of the film industry by our country includes gliding movies.

The featured image is of a better day.  Photo by Evelyn.

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