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Challenging Wx.-Lessons to be learned

Challenging Wx.-Lessons to be learned


After 100% landouts on August 9,  I messaged Captain Fernando Silva because of the low number of points scored AND because Soaring Spot was indicating zero points for all of the Club Class guys.



“Yes indeed a tough day as they have all been. The reason for the zero scores is that not enough (25%) of the pilots flew minimum distance (100km handicapped). We believe that all classes will have a zero day –100% land-outs in all classes with less than 25% achieving minimum distance. The philosophy here appears to be that task completion is not one of the CD’s priorities. The goal is to fly every conceivable day (including days we would consider inconceivable). It seems that a distance contest day is just as good as a speed contest day…Our pilots are adapting to distance racing and are in good spirits, in no small part due to the very efficient USA retrieve crews!”

Mike Westbrook and friends 8:9

Mike Westbrook and friends on 8/9

The weather today is not flyable as the Team prepares to participate in International night where they will serve up Coca Cola with Jack Daniels,  All-American hotdogs with s’mores on the grill.

“….team morale is excellent. We are doing team meetings to review lessons learned and the pilots are all sharing and are able to leave their egos at the door and have their “mistakes” reviewed by their peers. These meetings are “pilots – only” plus John Good with me acting as facilitator and coach. Everyone is on steep learning curve so every flying day brings valuable lessons, regardless of the weather. Crews are also in high spirits. Having our four crew kids (Jose, Gvidas, Saulius and Guoda) is very refreshing. They are always smiling and anticipating needs and joking around. They have fantastic sense of humor and speak excellent English!” writes Fernando Silva.

Here’s hoping for better weather for the rest of the week.. Good job Team USA

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