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Competition Day 4-Will there be a “shake up” with the scores?

Competition Day 4-Will there be a “shake up” with the scores?

A sunny day emerged in the am hours, but multiple landouts could shake up the leaderboard.


Mitch Hudson snapped this pic as he left the airfield for his pilot; he was a part of a convoy of trailers heading out.

a convoy of trailers leaving the field 8:5 (1)


It was a tough day with blue condition at first, then top cover and windy.  Tim McAllister (and friend) found a nice field in Poland.

Tim and Friend in Poland 8:5 (1)

And  Mitch found Mike Westbrook among friendly bovines within sight of the Russian border.

Team IF and company 8:5 (1)

It’s late in Lithuania as I post these images and some of the scores have not been reported, so we’ll have to wait until later to get the final results.  Mike Robison finished his multi-class task.   John Good should have an interesting report.

Leigh’s connection to soaring and competition is through her husband, SZ, for whom she’s crewed for 42 years.  She’s a passionate supporter of the US Teams and loves contest reporting.  She currently resides  in both Steamboat Springs, Co. and Greenville, SC.

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