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Daniel Sazhin

Daniel Sazhin

Daniel Sazhin

Daniel Sazhin has been flying gliders since 2008 and loves racing and record flying.

He earned all of his Badges and Diplomas in Aero Club Albatross’ 1-26E. He has competed in many contests and won the 2013 1-26 championship and the 2018 Sports Class Nationals. He has had the honor of representing the US Team in the 2015 and 2017 Junior Worlds. In 2019, he was the Contest Director for the 1-26 Championships. He is a PhD student, studying Cognitive Psychology at Temple University.

See his blog at:

What are your training and preparation plans (i.e. flying the pre-WGC, conference calls, studying flights from Szeged, etc…) before attending the upcoming 2019 Jr. WWGC?

Daniel:  “Most of my training consisted of flying the Club Class Nationals and 12 days of team flying with Noah and possibly JP at the end of this upcoming week. (6/28)”

If you have participated in a previous WGC and/or pre-WGC what is the biggest insight you came away which you plan to apply to this Jr. WGC?

Daniel:  “Previous worlds taught me the value of team flying, understanding and exploiting gaggles, and appreciating how the scoring incentives work in high-level competition.”

Why do you want to fly for the US Team?

Daniel:  “I want to fly for the US Team because it’s the highest honor for me to represent my country at a sporting event.”



Daniel’s JWGC blog posts-most recent is first



  1. Charlie Sutherland June 20, 2018


    I just received a copy of Condor’s rendition of my 1-26E #573 “Old Paint” 3D rendered by Bob Hills of PSS and extensively photographed and measured by me while it hung in my basement. I want to thank Daniel Sazhin and his club, and the use of the paint scheme for their contribution to the effort to get a 1-26E in Condor’s upcoming new plane pack. It will be a thrill flying my old friend if only in a simulator. I am so glad it is finally finished. I’ll send a picture of “Old Paint” as it actually looks for your amusement. It would not have been very pretty if they tried to copy my paint job. That’s why I call it “Old Paint”

    Charlie Sutherland

    1. Melanie Nichols June 20, 2018

      Sounds exciting.. We would love to see the new paint job. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Daniel Sazhin July 7, 2018

    Hey Charlie,

    I’d love to see a picture of 563 before Aero Club Albatross owned it! The ship was known as Sweet Red during its time in the club. It flew for almost 20 years and 2000 hours, having done many silver badges, off field landings, competitions and much more. Sadly, the ship met its demise last year. A club member landed it in the trees in a not so landable area. The pilot walked away unhurt (thanks to the 1-26) though the ship did not fare so well.

    Hank Nixon now owns Sweet Red and is intent on restoring the ship and getting it flying again! I’ll be quite excited when that happens.

    All the best,

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