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Day 1 Recap from Facebook

Day 1 Recap from Facebook

Morning team meeting.

team meeting day 1

Pre-grid, getting ready

pregrid getting ready

WGC Hosin Day 1, launch has been delayed several times and is now scheduled for 12:45 local as the early weather is clearing. Likewise the tasks have been changed and currently on task C-all three racing tasks.

Day 1 Pilots Meeting

Back seat of PWR.

Don’t do anything stupid on the first day. We let the gaggle go one way when we went another. The first time it payed off because we took 2 10knt climbs and made it to the top of the gaggle. The second time the day was ending and we came home at best glide just below the finish and used the engine to make a proper direction landing.

(by Garrett Willat)

Day 1 WGC Hosin on the grid. After several spectacular practice days of grid and launch by 11:30, today was delayed until after 1:00 waiting for workable conditions.

DAY 1 WGC HOSIN 5 Echo launches.

WGC Hosin day 1. “Capt’n Pete” Alexander at the helm in the team tent. Watching the tracking and weather while relaying info to the pilots.



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