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Day 2 from the Club Class Guys

Day 2 from the Club Class Guys

“Terrific evening sky after Day Two here in Pociunai. Great Team Flying with Mike Westbrook from start to finish.”  Tim McAllister


“Day 2 for the US Club Class Team went well, beginning with a forecast for stronger conditions and a chance of overdevelopment. We started off on the 315 km racing task about 20 minutes after the gate opened with cloudbase around 1,250 meters. Running down the first leg to the south we had good conditions until a few km short of the turn. There we took slower climbs over the forest to stay alive and flew through a few rain showers….

Raining near the first turn 8:2


Coming out of the turn with a gaggle we got down to around 1,500′ before finding a climb. The second leg into Poland was giving us 3-4 kt avg climbs up to cloudbase and on our way back home we decided to deviate south to stay in the hot spots. Our last thermal to get onto final glide was the strongest – bordering on 6 kts…..

Final Glide 8:2

We finished at an average speed of 81 kph (50 mph) and YU and IF were separated by only 3 seconds!”
Mike Westbrook



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