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Day 4 Recap from Facebook

Day 4 Recap from Facebook

WGC DAY 4 morning team meeting. Each morning after gridding the team meets and Capt’n Pete runs through weather, tasking, general info, and pilots comments and concerns. Good info is being shared by all.

WGC Hosin on August 1: Blue skies with similar forecast to yesterday with some cu’s on course. Racing tasks for all three classes and launch time has just been pushed back to 12:15, local. #ussoaringteams

This morning at the airfield. Pic taken by Becky Riegal of Team ARC #ussoaring teams

Welcome home Team ARC! Karin Schlosser and Heinz Weissenbuehler #ussoaringteams this pic is from the contest site

PWR back seat:

Today we left when we could and had a string of gliders to play with. The first leg was straight forward and some blue. We ran around one storm and got a little more rain then we thought was necessary. DT was making good time on us as we called out good climbs. Then the huge blue holes started and long glides. At the last turn we passed the fast guys going opposite direction into the turn. Then lots of I don’t knows started between the seats. We finally made final glide with all three classes.

Today felt better – challenging with weather and rain on two turns, but we were always in racing mode, chasing or being chased.
Tired, so no long story. Just wanted to share this picture – the final cloud that brought us home. -Karin Schlosser


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