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Day 6 Recap from Facebook

Day 6 Recap from Facebook

WGC Hosin, Day 6 Aug. 3
The rain from last night has dampened the field a bit this am. Currently there are 3 long racing tasks and launch scheduled for 11:30. If weather begins to develop earlier NW in the final task area, tasks may be changed. Blue thermals to the east. #ussoaringteams Here are Tasks A for all three classes and launch is now scheduled for 11:45 local.

WGC 2018 Hosin. Day 6 grid 11:20.

WGC Hosin from the organizers this am:
“We are now flying 6 days in a row and the forecast looks really good for the next days as well. Today we had briefing at 10:00 where competitors got two variants of tasks. Task A will take them on 500 km flight to the eastern part of Czechia northern of Brno, the second largest city in Czech Republic. Task B with a shorter flight was also prepared, but we decided to stay with tasks A. Takeoffs started at 11:45 today. The weather around Hosín is now a bit more complicated with over developed cumulus clouds east of the airfield and cloud bases lower than previous days. However the weather in the task area looks good enough. Start gate for 18M class was opened at 12:55, for 20M class at 13:08 and for OPEN class at 13:XX. Czech evening will take place today in the main hangar from 19:30 and we will have rest day on Sunday.”

Team USA are all on course and Pete says have had to dodge showers around the first turns. #ussoaringteams

This video is about Day 6 ~ Revisited with Dave Coggins

X’s mark the spots for the US Team’s Base Camp and tie down area on this gorgeous airfield. #ussoaringteams.

PWR back seat, and Mike stole the camera… I am just warning ????

The most amazing thing about flying here is how fast and different the weather changes. We had to glide in and out of the start and the first leg was great for a while. It was a long glide to some good climbs, then some rain, DT relayed the turn was in rain. It was about 5km of solid rain getting in and out of the turn. It took a while to get a climb but shortly we were back and running. We spent a fair amount of time between WB and EB as they had gotten separated. As the lift increased we slowly got left behind. We met up with N1 and tried to get ahead of him for the next 300km. DT found a great 8knt thermal in the blue which jumped us back up and closer to the fast pack. The last leg was just lining up the clouds and getting on final glide. Which an hour before we were guessing the day would become a distance day.


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  1. Jim Garrison August 5, 2018

    All —

    Thank you for all the great reporting …. I read them carefully every morning
    Erik’s report about the daily routine was fun.

    I hope the rest of the contest goes very very well

    Jim Garrison

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