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Day After The Rest Day

Day After The Rest Day

After a rest day that included a weather change, we were all wondering whether the excellent Lake Keepit soaring conditions would continue.

Emphasizing the change were noticeably more pleasant conditions at launch time: cooler temperatures (low 90s) and a welcome breeze.  Well (to use a phrase common here), no worries: fewer, smaller cu today limited the speeds a bit, but all pilots completed tasks over 400 km.  It doesn’t seem reasonable that this site can offer what amounts to an unbroken string of excellent days, but so far it has done just that.

Sarah had a good flight today.  A brief wave climb gave her the chance to start 1000’ higher than others, though earlier than she was planning to.  The extra height was too tempting to resist, so she flew the task mostly alone, staying ahead of the pack and finishing second for the day. 

Give credit to the task setters for their ability to match the tasks to the conditions – we’ve had interesting variety with a consistently high rate of completions and just a few outlandings.  Overall, the Australian approach to glider contests seems highly commendable: friendly, low key, good attention to details, happy to answer questions and to listen to sensible suggestions.

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