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First two days at the 35th WGC in Czech Republic by DT

First two days at the 35th WGC in Czech Republic by DT

David Coggins

David Coggins is flying his JS-1 in the Open Class.


“Day One, 311Km task: The objective was to team fly with Team mates Mike and Garret and make the course.  We had a late launch due to a slow moving cold front.  At the start we both went out with several other competitors.  As the day progressed, I ended up with a fast gaggle and lost them after the second turn.  I pulled up with the group and was only 50m below a JS1, he  hit the bubble of the thermal climbing at 4.5+kts and I was left with 1.8Kts with many others.  The remaining group completed the task and I FINISHED with a 22nd placing.  I was pleased as the practice days I did not complete any task and utilized my sustainer more than the previous 3 years.


Day Two, 350Km task:  The objective was to keep up with the fast gaggle, relay information back to my team mates if we get separated and of course, complete the task.  The launch was delayed due to high overcast this morning.  We launched and climbed in 1.5kts or less while the open class completed the launch.  Prior to the gate opening, achieved 6K msl prior to the start. As the gate opened many started and I did as well.  After the second thermal the fast gaggle was established and I was able to hang with them for  the day.  First leg at 90mph, second 98mph and final leg at 94mph.  Overall, 94mph (151.67kmh) which was good for a 9th place finish.


Kudos to my crew (Thomas Ciesielski (France), Steven Coggins, Mark Recht (Scotland), Iain Donnelly (Scotland) and Supervisor Cindy Coggins) for expediting me and the plane off the active runway like an Indi 500  pit crew!” DT

DT pix from Day 2 courtesy Bryan Riegel



  1. Gary Van Gelder August 2, 2018

    Hey David!
    What the heck is a gaggle?
    Good luck ongoing…
    Gary Van Gelder

  2. Janice Wright August 2, 2018

    Hey Cindy n David …Good Luck…We are very Proud of you….Janice N Randy

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