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Gary Ittner

Gary Ittner

Gary Ittner is an engineer and part owner of a small company that specializes in welding services for the aerospace industry.

He resides in Los Angeles and splits his glider flying among several Southern California gliderports, including Inyokern, Santa Ynez, and Warner Springs. Gary’s passion for soaring began in 1975 and was initially satisfied by flying radio controlled model gliders. His switch to full size gliders started with flying lessons in 1983, buying his first glider in 1984, flying his first Regional contest in 1985, followed by his first National contest in 1986. Eventually pulling himself up from the bottom half of the score sheet, he has won 9 Nationals and flown in 8 Worlds, with a best finish of 4th in 15-meter at Mafikeng, South Africa. In his 7100 hours of glider flying, Gary has learned that glider racing is, by far, the most effective way to improve XC soaring skills. And he has found that improving his skills has always resulted in increased enjoyment of soaring.

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