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Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Jim soloed a Cessna 150 on his 16th birthday and received a private SEL rating on his 17th birthday.

Flying light planes became boring, but fortunately hanggliding came along and competition provided the excitement and challenge of soaring flight for 30 years.  Then the ole landing gear got worn out.

So he went to work for Knut and Ingrid at Seminole Lake Gliderport, where Knut taught him everything he needed to know about sailplanes.

The Seniors was his first contest in 2012 and when he placed 6th in a Cirrus on the first day, the hook was set.  His wife Kathy loves the comp scene too, and it gradually became possible to fly in several comps each summer.  He loves gaggle flying, and can’t wait to mix it up in Poland with his teammate Bif.

Jim is the importer/dealer for the Phoenix motorglider from the Czech Republic and the Jonker Sailplanes JS1 and JS3 from South Africa.  He and Kathy live in Minden, NV.

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  1. Daryl A Breese September 20, 2018

    Jim Lee, Nice career! WHS ’71 alumni here. Daryl Breese. I worked for many years in the Fire Dept. with the passionate hang glider Steve Huckert who loved the Owens Valley thermals. He was as crazy as me! Used to glide with his dog too. Sad the way he passed…. Did you know my friend Steve? all the best!

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