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John Good – 29 May

John Good – 29 May

John Good

It was supposed to be a day like yesterday: same airmass, just a bit warmer.  Many were not looking forward to another weak blue day.  They needn’t have worried – the “bit warmer” made a huge difference: shortly after launch gliders had reached an area of cu to the south where 7-kt climbs to over 8000’ were easy to find.

Best altitudes during the day exceeded 9000’, and there was some concern it might be possible to exceed FL95 (9500’ – the maximum altitude allowed in the Czech Republic).  This apparently didn’t happen – no penalties were assessed.  The 2-hour task wound up looking like a significant undercall – the day could have supported 4 hours of flying.

Sarah had a “middle of the pack” flight – not great, not bad.  This leaves her in second place overall, some 60 points out of first.

The upcoming curious ritual (scheduled not for tonight, but for tomorrow evening) is known as Baba Yaga, named after a legendary Slavic witch.  Apparently, each pilot attending her first WWGC must be indoctrinated as a junior witch by those who’ve previously been through this.  A bonfire and unspecified quantities of distilled spirits are said to be involved.  A report will follow.




  1. Beverly & Ted Beckwith May 30, 2017

    Thank you for your support of soaring in general, and Sarah, in particular. We have claimed her as family for a few years (she even accuses me of tough love!). Glad she is doing so well, and you are her on site support. Our grand daughters call her “glide Sarah” to keep her straight from Sarah Butler, who is “horse Sarah”. Best wishes to you both.

  2. Hatch Hatchell June 4, 2017

    Through the years we have lost our contact with Ted and Bev Beckwith. Could someone relay this email address to them?

    Hatch Hatchell

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