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John Good JWGC report – 7/29 Still no flying

John Good JWGC report – 7/29 Still no flying

It’s the second scheduled competition day, and we still haven’t seen a competition launch. A river of moist air off the Adriatic has been flowing into eastern Europe, producing extensive low cloud and rain. No morning forecast held out much hope for flyable weather today, and teams were told not to assemble and grid their gliders until a careful evaluation afternoon possibilities was complete. At 10:45, this yielded the decision to cancel the day.

Some US Team members opted for a visit to local thermal baths, which are considered a major tourist attraction here. Others decided to visit Romania – not as close as Serbia (from our house, you could walk to the Serbian border in about 10 minutes) but still within about a half-hour drive.

Some additional items for the list of things that are different in Hungary:

Names are routinely given as last (i.e. family name) followed by first, with no separating comma. So for example the famous, prolific, eccentric 20th century Hungarian mathematician known to much of the world as Paul Erdős was in his native country Erdős Pál.

Dates are given as year, month, day: “2019. aug. 1.” Addresses are given in the reverse of US order: Postal code, city, followed by street and number. “From the general to the specific” seems to be the rule here.

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