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John Good report – August 13

John Good report – August 13

The final scheduled day of competition at WGC2016 unfortunately didn’t happen.  With bright sun in the morning we were surprised to receive an announcement that gliders should not be assembled and gridded.  But one look at a satellite weather loop explained things: a massive front was moving east, and would clearly make flying in (or anywhere near) Lithuania difficult for at least 24 hours.

This was confirmed at the morning pilot briefing: no flying today, and competition is thus concluded.  Our struggle with a difficult weather pattern yielded 7 of 14 possible contest days – a bit short of hopes, but enough to select worthy champions in three classes.


Now begins the process of packing gliders and all accessories into trailers, saying goodbye to friends, and tying up all loose ends before we disperse to the ends of the earth.  But a good many of us will be reuniting in Benalla (Victoria, Australia) this coming January for the championship of 15-Meter, 18-Meter and Open classes.



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  1. Rick Fuller August 14, 2016

    Thanks for all your insightful reports. I enjoyed reading every one.

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