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JP Stewart

JP Stewart

JP Stewart

JP Stewart has been hooked on aviation for over 10 years

Beginning with radio control aircraft he flew competitive giant-scale aerobatics before moving into full-scale flying. He joined the Blue Ridge Soaring Society (BRSS) eight years ago and fell in love with soaring. JP has flown as US Junior Team member during the 2015 worlds in Narromine, Australia and 2017 worlds in Pociūnai, Lithaunia. He serves as the SSA Youth/Junior Committee co-chair and has been the manager of the US Junior Camp and Contest since 2015. He is an aerospace engineer by training and when not flying, designing new aircraft as a program manager at Aurora Flight Sciences.


1. What are your training and preparation plans (i.e. flying the pre-WGC, conference calls, studying flights from Szeged, etc…) before attending the upcoming 2019 Jr. WGC?  

JP: “For any contest, it’s extremely important to cover the “basics” such as reviewing past flights, the task area, and the local procedures. For a WGC though, the team flying aspect is critical and Daniel, Noah, and I have flown a number of contest together and have spent extra time reviewing out team flying strategy and communication approach. Even though Michael Marshall is flying in Standard class, I also got to spend some time team-flying with him to figure out how we might be able to share information between classes.”  

  2. If you have participated in a previous WGC and/or pre-WGC what is the biggest insight you came away which you plan to apply to this Jr. WGC?  

JP: “You have to learn to work with the gaggle. In my first JWGC (2015), we thought that with good weather and three gliders in a class, we could focus less on when the gaggle started. In 2017, we began to understand the gaggle behavior (risk adverse vs. risk seeking) much better and could use that to determine when to jump ahead in a gaggle.”    

3. Why do you want to fly for the US Team?  

JP: “It’s a rare opportunity to be able to represent your country in high level international competition. After having flown two previous JWGCs, we’ve learned learned a lot of lessons as a team and I’m looking forward to being able to apply them this year.”  


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