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#JWGC “Team Members” Pilots and Support

#JWGC “Team Members” Pilots and Support

In addition to our three pilots, JP Stewart, Noah Reitter, and Daniel Sahzin, Team USA is fortunate to have a stellar support staff.


Captain Fernando Silva is a veteran  US Team captain having served at the 2014 WGC in Finland and the 2016 WGC at this same airfield.  A competition pilot himself, Fernando was the 2015 National 15M champion and just this past spring won the Seniors event in Florida. He serves as a weatherman is many of the US Contests that he attends.

John Good, assistant captain and crew chief has been involved in too many World Championships to mention as crew, captain and reporter.  His expertise is well known and is an asset to any team.  John flies his Discus 2 and Duo Discus in local and national competitions.

Tony Condon is direct from the 13.5 WGC in Hungary.   Tony also competed in the previous 13.5 WGC in 2015.  He is very active in the SSA and regional and national competition in the US.  Tony is crewing for JP and also is a regular onsite reporter for the US Teams blog and Facebook pages.

We are also fortunate to have on board 3 local young people previously involved with the US Teams in Pocuinai.  This is the 3rd straight year that this airfield has hosted a WGC.

  1.  Gvidas Kairys – who crewed for Francois in 2015 and Bob Fletcher in 2016
  2.  Saulius Juociunas – who crewed for Mike Robison in 2016
  3. Guoda Gelazauskaite – who also crewed for Mike Robison in 2016 and has taken on the meal preparation duties for this group: sandwiches for lunch and a meal at the Team residence for the evening.

Meet the Team!

  Opening Ceremony

  Team Captain Fernando Silva and Saulius

  John Good setting up one of the panels

  Gvidas with Tony

  Guoda hard at work for Team USA



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