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Michael Westbrook in Champagne, France for Pre-World 2019

Michael Westbrook in Champagne, France for Pre-World 2019

Fresh from his recent win as the 2019 Club Class Champion, Mike Westbrook is heading to sample the Champagne thermals in Champagne, France as a warm up for the 2020 WGC at the site.  Mike has flown in 4 previous WGC events including Junior WGC’s.

From Mike:

“I’ll be flying ASG-29es, ‘BW’, in the Champagne Cup, a handicapped Standard/15M/20M combined class. The Champagne Cup is running simultaneously with the French Club Class Nationals. The airfield is located at Ecury sur Coole which is just outside of Champagne, France. I’ll be going with the main goal of getting to know the area in the air and on the ground for the 2020 Worlds. Learning about the terrain, weather and airspace will help reduce the learning curve for next summer but other things such as obtaining a French license validation, where to stay and even how to get laundry taken care of can all be a big deal when in a foreign country with limited time and resources.”

The actual competition days are 8/4-8/10. Mike arrives in Paris on 8/1, will pick up glider and is hopeful for a local flight on 8/2.  He will be reporting from the contest. Bookmark these pages to follow the competition:

The contest website:

Contest FB site:

Tasks and reports:

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  1. John Duke August 3, 2019

    Wishing Mike great results and good flying. Watching from back home at TSA
    Good luck Mike!

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