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Mike Westbrook-Contest Day 5 Ostrow

Mike Westbrook-Contest Day 5 Ostrow

Mike Westbrook

Possibly toughest day I’ve ever flown. Made it 260 km at about 55 kph, only needed about 700 ft of climb but just couldn’t find it under the overcast and after making a huge deviation for a climb.



“Tough day with a huge gaggle for most of the flight. had to make huge deviations to stay alive. We were about 1,000′ under final glide at the end, went under the overcast hoping to find something.”

“After a dead glide we made a 90 degree turn downwind to a cloud hoping that would save us. We found a climb to cloudbase with others but it put us at about the same position for the final glide into the wind. We were able to hit the steering turn but didn’t find anything that would allow us to glide home. Ended up in a field with good company – 8 gliders altogether in our field”

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