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Mike Westbrook

Mike Westbrook

Mike is a third generation pilot that grew up around the Texas Soaring Association and currently works for Flight Safety International.

First soloing on his fourteenth birthday, earning his Silver Badge in a 1-26 that same summer and then flying his first competition in the 1-26 Championships at sixteen, the hook was set young. With over 1,000 hours in sailplanes, Mike is a Kolstad Scholarship recipient and currently holds several state records in Texas and the US National Multiplace record for Free Triangle Distance with his father, Mick Westbrook. Flying a Standard Cirrus for the last five years to qualify for the Club Class Team, Mike is now a partner in a Discus 2b. Mike’s previous experience at the international level includes the 2005 Junior Worlds in Hus Bos, England and the 2007 Junior Worlds in Rieti Italy. Mitch Hudson will be crewing for Mike and the Standard Cirrus he will be flying in Lithuania.

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