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Noah Reitter – JWGC Updates and Pix

Noah Reitter – JWGC Updates and Pix


8/12 Final Competition day and a long wait for the launch


   Noah – Team USA

   Noah’s pic of JP getting ready for launch

“Here we go!
Last day of JWGC 2017.”

…and at the end of the day per Noah

“USA is safe on the ground. But only just…”


8/6 Late start and not a lot of choices

“Today was pretty good. Had some very good climbs. But it ended with everyone down low circleing in little to no lift. This ended with most of the club class landing out.
JP managed to stay up and did an excellent job finishing the task.



7/30 1st Contest Day with Pix from Noah’s cockpit


Today was very challenging, but we all made it back. It was only 280km but it felt quite a lot longer. Can’t win on the first day but you can lose…

The first picture is crossing the Polish border looking NW toward Russia.
The second is in Poland looking SE toward Belarus.



7/27 Practice Day

PM post:

Well JP has arrived.
Daniel And I flew the 250km task, very slow, made one good sized mistake, but we made it back. it was a very very tricky day.
We are still getting used to the Jantars and working out some of the “bugs.”
The day was an over all success.

AM Post:

We are gridded for a 250k practice day task. Looks like we have a short weather window.



Noah’s post from 7/26  Scrutineering


No flying today, but MZ and JM made it through scrutineering.


Noah 7/24 Weather uncooperative


No flying here today in Pocuinai…..

Noah’s post and pictures from 7/23


Daniel and I were able to fly today (not our gliders yet – still waiting on paperwork)…
I had a really nice 5 hr local flight getting use to the Jantar.
Daniel landed out about 15km east of the field no complications on the retrieve.  #JWGC


Getting ready to fly the club ships

From Noah’s cockpit

Retrieving Daniel from his landing field

7/24 no flying today!

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  1. julie July 28, 2017

    this is amazing ! wish I new the right words to wish you good flying ! so, good flying !! my dad would’ve loved this. 🙂

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