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Noah Reitter

Noah Reitter

Noah Reitter

Noah Reitter was given a sailplane ride as a gift in late August of 2012 at Harris Hill Soaring. 

The next spring, he joined their junior organization, soloed later that summer, and completed his B and C badges. During the 2014 soaring season Noah attained his Private Glider, Commercial Glider, Bronze and Silver badges. He also crewed at the Region 5 North and Region 2 contests. In spring of 2015, Noah crewed in the 1st FAI Pan American Gliding Championships and soon after completed his Flight Instructor Glider. Noah flew as a guest and in the 2015 Standard Nationals. That summer he enjoyed flight instructing at Harris Hill. During the 2016 season Noah again instructed at Harris Hill – soloing 5 Junior members, competed at the 2016 Region 2 contest and Club Class Nationals, placing 2nd at each. Between flying seasons Noah completed his Private Pilot airplane rating and qualified as a tow pilot. During the 2017 season Noah placed 2nd team flying the Standard Class Nationals (as a guest) with Daniel Sazhin. Later that summer he competed in the 2017 Junior World Gliding Championships in Lithuania. Noah is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree, additional FAA ratings, and plans to become an airline pilot. 

  1. What are your training and preparation plans (i.e. flying the pre-WGC, conference calls, studying flights from Szeged, etc…) before attending the upcoming 2019 Jr. WWGC?

“1) As Daniel said, we are practicing team flying for these 12 days (we’ve already had 3 great days of practice of getting back into the team flying mindset). Other than that I have guest flown a contest at the beginning of the year and flying as much as I possibly can. (7/25)”

  1. If you have participated in a previous WGC and/or pre-WGC what is the biggest insight you came away which you plan to apply to this Jr. WGC?

“They do things differently at a WGC and as a team we must learn how to fly according to their “rules” and be better. A couple of key ways this can be done is learning flying the gaggle and team flying.”

  1. Why do you want to fly for the US Team?

“There are two main reasons: one is that it is a huge honor to represent the United States at an international sporting event and two I want to show other young pilots that flying cross country and achieving their goals in aviation is doable with the right mind set and hard work.”


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