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Sean Fidler Spotlight

Sean Fidler Spotlight

Competing in the 18 Meter Class, Sean Fidler began participating in sailplane competitions in 2011 after spending several years learning cross-country in Ionia, Michigan.

In Ionia, Sean was mentored by his father, Robert, and several other experienced pilots.

As a former U.S. Sailing Team member, Sean was able to utilize some of that experience to understand and adapt to the complex strategy and tactics required in sailplane competition. By 2015, Sean qualified for the US Soaring Team in the 15-meter class at the FAI Pan American Gliding Championship (Chilhowee, TN), placing third in difficult conditions.

At most contests, Sean is extremely fortunate and thankful to have his wife, Tiffany, as crew. Sean and Tiffany have organized several SSA contests and fun-fly events and are organizing the first ever FAI Sailplane Grand Prix USA Qualifier in July of 2016.

Over the last several years, Sean has competed in 17 regional, national and Canadian contests with the goal of reaching the 2017 FAI World Championship (Australia) in the 18-meter class.

Sean and Tiffany are extremely excited to have the opportunity to represent the USA at their first ever FAI World Gliding Championship.

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