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Tim McAllister

Tim McAllister

Tim McAllister “EY” learned to fly gliders when he was 15 years old in Hinckley, Illinois and has logged more than 2,200 hours since then racing around the world.

He rose to national prominence when he won the U.S. Sports Class National Championship in his Standard Libelle in 2003.

Tim was the top-finishing U.S. team member at both the 4th Club Class World Gliding Championships in 2006 (Vinon, France) and the 3rd Club Class World Gliding Championships in 2004 (Elverum, Norway). Additionally, he participated in the First World Sailplane Grand Prix in 2005 (St. Auban, France), was 2nd at the Russian qualifying Grand Prix in 2006, and was the only U.S. competitor at the 2nd World Sailplane Grand Prix in December 2007 (Omarama, New Zealand). He participated in the Pre-Worlds in Pociunai in 2015.

Tim and his wife, Susan, are co-owners of Dragonfly Sales, the exclusive North American broker for the new line of GP Gliders in the 13.5 meter class. Active as a volunteer in soaring, Tim has organized competitions, served as CD at the nationals level, and served as a Director of the Soaring Society of America and of Texas Soaring Association. Currently owning and racing an HpH 304C and living in Dallas, Texas, Tim will fly Standard Cirrus “YU” with Paul Weeden as his able crew.

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