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Tony Condon’s posts from the Pociunai JWGC

Tony Condon’s posts from the Pociunai JWGC

The Final Competition Day-a long wait on the grid, so a Cricket Match!


Labas Rytas! Today is the final day of the competition. Forecast is hot and humid, with an approaching front that will kick off convergence and then storms. The task…looks familiar. 2 hr AAT. (Edited task changed to 1.5 hrs. AAT)

   Carving commemorating the JWGC:  a Lithuanian tradition to memorialize the contests

One objective of the World Championships is to Foster friendship, cooperation, and exchange of information among soaring countries.

We have had an incredible amount of help from the other teams here in Pociunai and really need to thank them. Vladas Motuza helped arrange our cars and gliders and has provided invaluable on site support with spare parts, tools, and local soaring advice.

The Australian team are our house neighbors and tie downs. They’ve been great when we needed a tool or two, help rigging, advice, or a valve stem extension.

Even the Danish have been helpful when I needed a particular sized wrench to make some adjustments on a trailer, and of course we’ve had a great time with our new friends from Denmark.

So on to the final day. Hopefully we can get some soaring and let the pilots decide the champion in the air!

Cricket in the grid with Australia and the French team captain. Launch is back to 1430. The inversion is visible from the ground

Team Slovenia and Hungary joined in. Sniffer reports are good looks like we’ll be flying today!


7/30 282 km Racing Task for Contest Day 1


Tony’s pictures from the grid


7/28 Last Practice Day mid-afternoon report from Tony


This morning after the briefing, JP got scrutineered and Daniel re-scrutineered. Daniel and Noah gridded and launched. Most pilots flew again today although a few decided to wait later or not fly.

JP and I worked through a few things on BC. Making sure he fit well, setting up instruments, installing his personal gear, etc. He went up for his first flight in the Jantar at 2 PM and quickly realized there needed to be a few fit adjustments. After a nice landing he was up again, and is still up enjoying some nice thermals over the airport.

Daniel and Noah were doing a nice job on the task but ran into some trouble in the final area, and like many others, landed out. Gvidas, John, Saulius, and Deividas are on the way with the trailers to get them.

We have a few bugs left to work out with antennas etc. which will probably get done tomorrow. 5PM tomorrow is the opening ceremonies and then the competition begins. I’m optimistic about the weather considering the high temperatures for early in the week are in the high 20’s, which is pretty warm for Lithuania.

7/26 Post from Tony Condon


Tony Condon is a veteran world’s pilot and crew.  He is providing regular reports on the JWGC and although crewing for JP Stewart, an asset to all of Team USA!

Tony says of today:

“We are steadily working here in Pociunai to get Daniel, JP, and Noah ready to race on Day 1. John completed the incredible task of building up the instrument panel for BC this morning. We have grown to appreciate the well equipped hardware, grocery, and auto parts store in Preinai. John and I have gotten to know the guy at the auto parts store well.

JP arrives tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow looks to be the best chance of soaring before the competition begins so we expect almosteveryone will fly.” 


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