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US Team Camp News – May 30

US Team Camp News – May 30

This week in Cordele, Ga., the 3 members of our Junior International Team are honing their skills with other current, previous and hopeful US Soaring Team members.




JP Stewart, Daniel Sahzin, and Noah Reitter are headed to the Junior WGC in Pociunai, Lithuania in July.  The Team Camp is under the aegis of the US Team Committee and especially committee member and Junior Team captain, Fernando Silva.

This from Mike Westbrook who flew in the Club Class at the World’s last summer in Pociunai, “…..we are all working on team flying skills. They (JP, Daniel, & Noah)  will be flying together in Club at the Junior Worlds this August in Lithuania.

We split into two teams of JP and Daniel and then Noah and myself. We had a designated start of 1300 which was about 40 minutes earlier than the other participants but gave us more challenging conditions to work through while racing the other team. Each team did well working together and there was a lot of jockeying back and forth for the lead. In the weak lift averaging less than 2 kts we were able to reinforce the importance of the team against flying solo and we feel like we made a lot of progress even with just a couple flights between Noah and myself.”



The group is enjoying seminars and flight de-debriefs along with the flying.  Rick Sheppe is setting the tasks.  We’ll have more information as the week progresses.

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