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Colin Mead

This is day 3 of the bad weather. We had a Team meeting last to discuss events, strategy and basically get a feeling that we are still at a soaring contest. Tomorrow, Friday looks 50/50 and Saturday look good for now.

On the days that we do fly we have been pretty busy on the ground. The contest website has two tracking systems and where the task is overlaid on the map of Poland. Soarscore shows all gliders were as Onglide allows you to choose which class you ant view. we have been using these site to track our gliders and then offer information to the pilots on the radio. The website seem to lag a bit so telling them details on spots of lift is not helpful to the pilots but telling them were certain pilots and teams are is helpful.

We have split the job into teams. Mitch Hudson is “controller” for the Club Class. Brad Jackson and Jack Gorski for the Standard Class and Roger Thiemann and Ron Gleason for the 15 Meter.

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