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Colin Mead

The past three days have been cancelled due to weather. There has been a low slowly moving from the west causing fits with the weather.
Yesterday we mad an attempt to fly but not with a ;little controversy. But it wouldn’t be a world championship without a LITTLE controversy.

The tasks that were set show all gliders headed west toward the bad weather which isn’t too but then the designated start time rule was added to the mix. Why were the organizers adding the designated start to an already difficult day? After much back and forth the tasks were changed so that a classes were set not as far west but the designated start was still on the task sheet.

The launch was delayed until 12:15 when club class was launched. About half way trough Standard class several tow planes landed and went the front of the grid and shut down. We knew that the day was probably going to cancelled but several club Class gliders were circling low and began to climb out so maybe not. Not so 13:05 word came out Day Cancelled.

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