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Wrap up of the US Soaring Team Camp 2017

Wrap up of the US Soaring Team Camp 2017

The 2017 US Soaring Team Camp has come to a close.  This post is a bit late since the Cordele Nationals started right after the camp.

The camp featured “international” rules and simulation as much as possible.  A great way to introduce the pilots at the camp who have never experienced a WGC event, to what things will be like if they do.

After the morning briefing, on days that were not canceled due to weather, the pilots and crews got the planes staged, set on grid, and ready for launch.

On the several days that weather canceled the international style task for the day, the pilots opted to have a longer day of seminar.

Fernando Silva and Rick Sheppe did a great job explaining WGC contest rules, procedures, and even a lot of great strategy.

There were lots of previous WGC attendees at the camp and they were able to share their experience and what it taught them to all the camp attendees.

Overall the camp taught interested pilots a lot and I hope this event is repeated to help increase the USA competitiveness in WGC’s.

If the attendees would please add your take away’s from the event, and anything else I should have covered and didn’t, in the comments below.

Enjoy the photos from the camp ~ click here to see the Gallery.


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