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WWGC 2020 Pre-Contest Days

WWGC 2020 Pre-Contest Days

Grid is filling up as the day warms up! First few gliders have launched for the last day of unofficial practice as competitors get ready for the Women’s World Gliding Championship at Lake Keepit, NSW, Australia.

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Practice Day Task

Sporting Stars and Stripes on the runway! #wwgc2019

First official training day #wwgc2019

Practice Day 1 #WWGC2019 Club Class Task A.

Practice Day 1 #wwgc2019 Standard Class Task A.

Practice Day 1 #wwgc2019 18m Class Task A.

U.S. Team getting it done on Official Practice Day 1! On to day 2…

Tasks for practice day 2 are out! #wwgc2019

Practice Day 2

WWGC U.S. Soaring Team Club Class competitors @littleriotpilot and @kathrynfosha get buckled in on the grid, waiting to launch for their Official Practice Day 2 task. #wwgc2019

Follow #wwgc2019 Practice Day 2 live:

Sometimes all you can do is hurry up and wait.

Dust devils like these are short lived, but keep the grid from launching while they traverse the runway. Today, that meant one of the U.S. Team Club Class competitors sat in her boiling cockpit until the dust and wind calmed down and she was able to launch.

Very special thanks to our many wonderful donors that are supporting the Women’s World Glider Championship at Lake Keepit, NSW.

Sandra Danoff
J.R. Lazar
Laurie Harden
Tupper Robinson
Mark Olinger
Soaring Society of Dayton
Jerry “Randy” Owings
Timothy Piffner
Willamette Valley Soaring Club
Kathleen Taylor
#wwgc2019 @littleriotpilot @kathrynfosha

Practice Day 3

WWGC Official Practice Day 3 pilots’ briefing in the Lake Keepit Soaring Club tow plane hangar.

These briefings occur daily, where the results from the previous day are discussed, the day’s task is briefed, weather and safety are reviewed, and any outstanding odds and ends are cleared up. Ensuring everyone is on the same page prior to launch is essential to maintaining an efficient, safe, and enjoyable competition.

Opening Ceremony tomorrow! #wwgc2019

While a few of the WWGC U.S. Team competitors used the last official practice day to catch up on some ground tasks, Sarah Arnold posted a great score in the Standard Class. Keep it up, U.S. Team! #wwgc2019

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